Saturday, September 18, 2010

Opposing Forces, or, Back to the Future

Friday Night we went to on a river cruise along The Bund.Back when the foreigners were in control, the Bund was at the heart of colonial Shanghai - flanked on one side by the Huangpu River and on the other by the hotels, banks, offices, and clubs that were the grandiose symbols of western commercial power.
If you've seen pictures of Shanghai, they were probably of The Bund. I find this area most interesting because it displays an obvious contrast between the “Old Colonial (but still modern) China” and the “Futuristic China” -- where China came from, and where it's going. And you can see both sides at the same time. Fascinating...

Me, 2050

After cruising along the river, we went to the Puxi “future” side of the river via the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel. How can I describe this?? Imagine the creepiness and cheesiness of Willy Wonka's River Cruise (watch starting at 00:35 seconds), but instead of a boat we got this:

To the future we go...

Over on the Puxi side of the river, we went for some conveyor belt sushi. This place was great and we made it just in time before it closed...and in time to watch them save the unpurchased sushi for the next day. The verdict is still out on whether I'll return.

To end our night on the Bund, we traveled to our new favorite place to go: Paramount. Mix some Europeans, Americans and Asians with a fog machine, fabulous mash-up techno music, and a ton of smoke and you're at Paramount. With the V.I.P. cards we've managed to snag, you can also add in a private table, some snacks, and great service by Mark, my new Canadian-born Asian buddy.

Until Next Time,

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  1. Lyxi you are beautiful! Your blog is definitely one of my favs :) I particularly love your "really, china?" photos. Can´t wait to hear about your next adventure! Miss you!

  2. sounds like you're living the life! love the sound of Paramount and the 1800/2050 mashup.

  3. This is absoultely amazing! Can't wait to see what else you have in store!


  4. you look like you are having an absolutely AHHHMAAAZZZINGGGG TIME- you know my china thoughts and i have completely re-evaluated my views, i'm so jealous of you!!!! keep having fun my little blonde prince$s

  5. You're still going to get my Sunday morning email, but had to say I LOVE your outfit in these pictures.